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All In A Day's Work

Updated: Apr 19

It's 4:15pm on a Tuesday afternoon in Orange County, NY with torrential rain, heavy winds and road closures increasing by the hour due to flooding in the area. Due to poor visibility, cars are driving half the speed limit on a 55 MPH local highway, or are pulled over all together. Wurth USA Territory Sales Representative Joe Kinsley still has one stop to make on his daily route, and knows his next customer, a small privately-owned body shop recently had a brand-new hardware assortment stand get delivered that he needs to set up. While it would be easier to push his visit back one day and see them tomorrow when the weather conditions have cleared up, Joe knows his customer is relying on him to construct the shelving and drawers for the new assortment.

That day, Joe ended up staying at his customer's shop until 6:30pm constructing and assembling the new hardware assortment and ensuring all other Wurth products were properly stocked and sorted, so that first thing tomorrow his customer could hit the ground running with new supplies and a more organized and streamlined shop. This is the support and personalized service one can come to expect from their dedicated Wurth USA Territory Sales Representative.

Expertise and Product Knowledge

Our territory sales reps are experts when it comes to product and service knowledge. Each rep undergoes extensive in-person training when becoming a Wurth USA representative to ensure they possess in-depth knowledge of the more than 15,000 Wurth products and services available. From features and benefits to applications, our reps come equipped with the knowledge to provide guidance tailored to each of their customers' needs. In any given day, our reps could see an OEM-specific service shop, then a privately-owned body shop, followed by a town's DPW and board of education, with stops next at a marina, a nation-wide rental truck company, and finally a visit to a brand-new demolition company celebrating their grand opening to see how Wurth USA could partner with their new business. And at each stop, the Wurth USA representative comes stocked with the knowledge and commitment to keep that business operating smoothly.

With their deep understanding of all of Wurth USA's products and services, our sales reps become trusted partners to their customers, ready to address any questions, challenges, or concerns that arise. Whether it's highlighting limited-time specials to save their customer some much-needed funds, assisting with a product return, suggesting a new product release that could be of benefit, or providing customized product set ups, our reps are always a call, email, or quick drive away from solving their customers' needs. By being a reliable go-to contact, our sales representatives become integral partners in our customers' success stories.

Planning and Preparation

"We get our products quickly when we need them. Service is great; Joe is amazing, as we all know" - Jay from Caliber Collision

For every visit to every customer, Wurth USA reps have a plan and purpose tp ensure their customer's businesses are equipped with everything needed to keep them running efficiently and productively. Whether it's programming a brand-new Wurth vending machine, or staying late in a torrential rain storm setting up a new hardware assortment like Joe, our reps ensure their customers' businesses needs are met during each visit.

While Wurth USA continues to add benefits to its ecommerce and digital platforms, the value of the face-to-face support provided by our reps cannot be replaced. Their personalized and tailored representation ensures all of their customers receive the service they need and deserve.

Interested to start working with a dedicated Wurth USA Sales representative? Click here to start the process.

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