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No Hassle Holiday Decorating With Würth

Hope you and your family are staying safe. Today we’re hopping outside the shop to feature a non-traditional use for one of our everyday essential products that could save you some hassle this holiday season.

The week after Thanksgiving is a great time to begin decorating. Since it’s 2020 you may have already put your Christmas tree up. If you have dogs or cats than you know your pets may find ornaments very entertaining to swat. My cats have even been known to scale the tree leaving these fragile mementos in their path of playful destruction.

To better secure them while not taking away the aesthetic of your real or fake tree (no judgement here) we have Würth Colored Zip Ties.

My wife prefers green and she’s the boss. In the photo below you will notice they blend in well against the branches.

Now you could be thinking: this seems like a lot of work. I have a lot of ornaments.

It’s not. In just two simple steps you can quickly secure most ornaments and they work especially well with balls which our two cats find particularly most entertaining. Just zip and snip!

The 7” length is great for hanging tinsel around banisters, outdoor lights, even wreaths you see on the front grills of Jeeps.


Avoid zip tying wires. We learned the hard way that when it’s time to take the tree down you could accidentally cut a wire while snipping the zip ties.

It’s fast curing and dries clear. It’s easy to apply with one hand using the patented DOS - Dosage Operating System so you can dispense precisely the amount you need exactly where you need it without over-applying.

Do you have a great tip of your own? Share it with us on social media.

Cheers and happy holidays from our Würth family to yours!

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