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Wurth USA Launches Nationwide Tool Rewards Program For Technicians

Wurth USA, the global family-owned partner for professionals in the maintenance and repair industry, has launched a new program to reward technicians for their Würth Hand Tool purchases. The point-based loyalty platform will allow registrants the ability to log in, see their point totals, and redeem a seemingly endless amount of prizes and experiences.

"We care tremendously about the people we’re committed to serving everyday. During the pandemic, the world had the opportunity to witness just how essential technicians are in keeping first responder’s vehicles on the road. This is another way we’re saying thank you and also helping them to achieve some work-life balance in the process.” – Aaron Brading, Wurth USA CEO

Understanding the costs surrounding quality tools technicians need to do their jobs - especially those coming out of technical schools, the tool rewards program is Würth’s way of giving value back to the people they proudly serve everyday. “It's about building a community that is connected by quality. It's about providing an opportunity for individuals to do what they love and redeem gifts that are in line with their passions outside of the shop.” said Tom Hayden, Director, Marketing & Customer Service at Wurth USA

Wurth USA has an expansive range of ZEBRA® Hand Tools that fit the specific needs of today's repair and maintenance professional to make their jobs easier. Pro Tool Reviews covered several unique hand tools throughout the year highlighting the benefits and quality differences users would experience on the job.

To kick off the program in exciting fashion, any technician who purchases over $100 in Würth Hand Tools by November 30th will receive a FREE welcome gift. Order today!

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