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Are All Anti-Seize Components the Same?

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Copper, nickel, ceramic or aluminum: what's the right anti-seize for you?

When choosing the correct anti-seize having the answers to these following questions will help you and your sales rep in determining the correct one.

  • What is the application?

  • What environment will this be in?

  • Are there acids, alkalis or chemicals that can possibly come into contact?

  • Is there a temperature requirement?

For example, Wurth's CE 1650 Ceramic Paste (Art. No.: 0893923284) is a 100% synthetic formula that withstands temperatures up to 3,002°F, and maintains its integrity under the most extreme conditions. This product is most commonly applied on the brake assembly, such as the back of brake pads. This is the most common anti-seize compound used on race cars.

Whereas Wurth's NI 2400 Pure Nickel Anti-Seize Lubricant (Art. No.: 0893240016) is best to use when exposed to highly corrosive environments, as well as an anti-galling paste between dissimilar metals.

Wurth's CU 800, is our customer favorite copper anti-seize. The CU 800 is a general purpose anti-seize compound that has thousands of application uses. It is the best choice for general assembly applications, such as on spark plug threads, battery terminals, and bolt connections. It is resistant to high temperatures, water, acids and alkalis.

The CU 800 is available in three forms: 100g tube, 1000g can, and our most popular, the aerosol spray can. By being in an aerosol form, it is best for quick use without using a messy brush or risking copper contamination.

See our trainer's video below on its application!



12.5 oz. Aerosol

High quality anti-seize lubricating compound containing fine copper and graphite powders in high heat organic carrier. CU 800 anti-seize lubricant shields surfaces by providing a lamination of solid lubricants under pressure in excess of 3,000 psi and operates at temperatures up to 1,800°F


  • Prevents seizing, galling and cold welding

  • Protects against rust and corrosion

  • Compatible with all types of metals and most plastics

  • Lowers friction and reduces torque

  • Non-hardening, non-dripping

  • Silicone-free and 50-state compliant

  • Meets performance requirements of MIL-PRF-907F

Areas of Use:

  • All nuts and bolts

  • Bushings

  • Centers

  • Cam rollers

  • Slow-moving bearings

  • Compressors

  • Conveyors

  • Couplings

  • Dies

  • Drills

  • Fittings

  • Gears

  • Generators

  • Keyways

  • Motors

  • ...and more!

Extensive Industrial Uses:

  • Steel mills and foundries

  • Oil refineries and chemical plants

  • Construction and farm equipment

  • Autos and trucks (heat maintenance)

  • Electric power and other utilities

  • Oil drilling and mining

  • Diesel and gasoline engines

  • Marine motors and shipyards

  • Paper mills and machine shops

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