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How to Create Battery Terminal Cables in 4 Easy Steps

Battery cables are one of the most important components of your engine since they connect the battery to a vehicle. However, they can often become damaged when the battery leaks. The battery acid corrodes the terminal end of the cable. If a car is having trouble starting, check the battery terminals where it’s hooked up with the battery cables to check for any corrosion; that me be the case. The good news is, assembling new battery terminal cables is easily done in 4 easy steps!

For easy installation, do the following:

  1. Strip the proper size cable so the exposed cable will reach the top of the battery terminal. The cable installation should fit snugly against the top. Insert proper size solder slug and apply solder flux.

  2. Secure the battery terminal in a vise. Slide the proper size heat shrink tubing over the cable. Insert the exposed cable into the terminal. Heat the base of the battery terminal while applying gentle downward pressure on the cable.

  3. As the solder melts, allow the cable to slide into the terminal until the installation is snug against the top of the terminal. Remove the heat. Slide the heat shrink tubing over the connection. Apply indirect heat to the tubing.

  4. Allow connection to cool. You now have "The Perfect Connection!"


Wurth USA offers all the components needed to create your own battery terminal cables.

Wurth USA offers 6 different kinds of battery terminals for multiple applications:


Wurth battery solder slugs come in 7 different colors, and offer an innovative solution for soldering cable terminals. The flux core and liquid flux prevent dirt and contaminants from hindering the soldering process. Available in seven different gauges and colors.


Wurth Battery Cable Heat Shrink Tubing features adhesive lined polyolefin, a heat activated adhesive liner and is resistant to water, salt and corrosion. Available in ten different gauges, two different lengths and three different colors.


Wurth USA is a supplier of automotive chemicals, fasteners, hand tools and electrical supplies since 1969. Our extensive catalog of over 14,000 products is paired with the incredible service offerings of our field sales team as they visit customers around the country providing shop management solutions, inventory management programs, product advice, and much more. If you would like to learn more about being our partner, get in touch by contacting us today!

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