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How to Prevent the Expensive Replacement of Equipment with One Product

Chains, cables and wire rope are integral components to a number of machines and equipment, including: conveyers, link and roller assemblies, rail equipment, mining equipment, construction machinery, cutter bars, material-handling equipment, and chainsaws. Often times however, these types of chains end up corroding from the inside out, due to being exposed to the surrounding elements, whether it be extreme weather or chemical gasses. According to JLG, the average cost to replace worn out or corroded wire rope can range anywhere from $2,000 - $7,000.

It is possible to extend the lifespan of your chains, cables and wire rope with proper lubrication. Wire rope and chain lubrication provides wear and corrosion protection by lubricating the core of the chain or wire rope. Typically, there are two types of rope lubricant: penetrating lubricants, and coating lubricants. However, Wurth USA offers one that does both!

Wurth's Chain and Wire Rope Lubricant is a heavy-duty lubricant that penetrates chains, cables and wire rope in order to deposit a wear-resistant coating. The foam spray clings to the surface of the chain, cable or wire rope, penetrates, and coats leaving a molybdenum and extreme-pressure lubricant on the inner surface. As demonstrated in the video below, this two-in-one lubricant penetrates into the inner core of the wire rope, evaporates, and leaves behind a heavy-lubricating film that protects each strand. Then a second coating seals the outside, protecting the wire rope from moisture, therefore reducing wear and corrosion.

Check out some of the other lubricant products Wurth USA has to offer by clicking below.

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