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How to Restore Headlights to Like-New Condition in Less Than 5 Minutes

Clouded headlights generate only 20% of the amount of light that new headlights do, leading to dangerous nighttime driving, which is when 50% of car accidents occur. Considering headlights can become clouded from a number of different causes such as sunlight, pollution, or car-wash chemicals, making sure you have a trusted way to restore headlights is crucial to maintain safe driving.

Wurth USA offers a solution for headlight restoration can be completed in five easy steps in less than five minutes!

1. Place painters masking tape and portable auto mask around the perimeters of the headlight to protect the car paint and chrome from the sanding process and sealant overspray.

2. Take a 600 grit adhesive-backed sanding square and adhere to the flat side of a sanding block. Wet down the headlight and begin sanding to remove any damaged laminate.

3. Rinse off all residue then take a lint-free towel and dry the lens surface and surrounding areas of the headlight.

4. Begin applying the sealant on the outer edge of the lens, moving from side to side.

5. Use a Scrangrip Portable UV Curing Light to cure the sealant. Apply Curing Light for 2-4 minutes per headlight.

This lab-tested process will quickly remove corrosion and haze, improve visibility and light output, and restore a headlight to its original shine and luster in minutes.

The following are four products and package deals Wurth USA offers that you can use to restore headlights like mentioned in the process above.

LED UV Curing Light and Sealant Package Deal - Includes both the Headlight Restoration UV Cure Sealant Kit and Scangrip Portable UV Curing Light

Scangrip Portable UV Curing Light - A great solution for fast UV curing, cordless and featuring a hand-held design

Headlight Restoration Complete Package Deal - Everything from start to finish needed for headlight restoration

Headlight Restoration UV Cure Sealant Kit - State-of-the-art formula renews and protects headlight lens

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