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How To Repair Chipped Windshields In-House And Save Time And Money

Updated: May 16, 2023

More than 250 million cars drive on American roads each year, with the average driver in the United States average 14,000 miles per year. With that amount of miles, the odds of damage to a windshield occurring are likelier than one may think. Windshield damage can happen in multiple ways: impact from an object, stress caused by improper installation, a damaged window frame, or roof damage from poor body work.

The ability to repair windshields quickly, and get back on the road with out the risk of further damage or the need to replace the windshield, is critical. Replacing a windshield can cost a consumer multiple hundreds of dollars, while taking several hours to complete the repair. Ignoring a damaged windshield is dangerous; it can fail at anytime, while some windshields are part of cars' airbag deployment systems. The benefits of repairing a windshield as opposed to replacing it are: restoring the structural integrity of the glass while retaining the original factory seal, dramatically improve vision and appearance, and saving time and money vs replacing it.

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The Windshield Repair Kit comes with everything needed to repair a windshield in less than half an hour, with an estimated improvement of appearance between 80-99%! The Kit is also able to be used to do the following: drill laminated glass, cap a pit, and repair a crack.

The following are condensed directions on how to repair a damaged windshield using Wurth USA's Windshield Repair Kit. Before starting, be sure to inspect the break to make sure a repair is

possible and there is no moisture in the break, then clean the break to ensure there is no loose glass particles and blow away any loose particles.

First, back off the leveling screws and injector barrel. This will allow the bridge to firmly affix to the windshield without interference from the leveling screws or injector. Screw down the leveling screws and then the injector barrel until they just touch the glass. Advance the leveling screws 2 full turns and the injector barrel a 1/2 turn more. Load the injector with about 1 syringe of full resin, making sure the resin gets to the bottom of the barrel. Insert injector plunger into the vacuum position and rotate plunger a 1/4 turn.

Next, begin your first pressure cycle by rotating barrel a 1/4 turn, apply slight thumb pressure to the injector plunger, and wait 5 minutes. After the pressure cycle, begin your first vacuum cycle for 30 seconds by rotating the barrel a 1/4 turn. Repeat this process 2-4 times for each cycle to make sure all air is removed from the break. Then release the vacuum cup and gently pry from glass to break the suction; meanwhile keep the bridge in an upright position and place out of the sun.

Lastly, place one drop of pit resin directly below the pit and gently lay the curing tab down. Place the UV lamp over the repair and leave on for 5 minutes; then remove the light and then the curing tab after. Finally use a new razor blade to scrape away remaining resin before applying a drop of pit polish to polish the surface.

Wurth USA is able to travel onsite to customers to demonstrate the benefits of the Wurth Wind Shield Repair Kit, as well as many other of our products.

If you and your business may be interested in scheduling a similar product demonstration from Wurth USA, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-987-8487 to discuss scheduling one.

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