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Illuminate Your Drive: Restore Your Headlights to Brand-New Condition in 6 Easy Steps

Foggy headlights can often go unnoticed, but clouded lenses not only diminish the visual appeal of a vehicle, but can also compromise safety while driving by reducing the light output and road visibility for the driver. While replacing a vehicles headlights can cause upwards of thousands of dollars depending on make and model, cleaning and restoring them oneself could be a more effective, and considerably less expensive option.

Here is how to restore headlights and get them back to looking brand new in six easy steps:

  1. Place painter's masking tape around the perimeters of the headlight to protect paint and chrome from the sanding process.

2. Wet down the headlight.

3. Begin sanding the headlight with a sanding block. Then rinse with water.

4. Take a lint-free towel and thoroughly dry the lens surface and all of the surrounding areas of the light.

5. Take Wurth UV Cure Sealant can and align spray head opening with the black line on the rim of

the can. Begin application in an even fan spray.

6. Cure the sealant using a Portable UV Curing Light. Hold approximately one inch

from the lens, moving slowly over entire surface.

Additional items you may need to restore your headlights include masking tape, a general purpose spray bottle, and a portable auto mask.

Besides headlight restoration, Wurth USA also offers other Visual Safety solutions, including Windshield Repair, wiper blades, and more cleaning and care products. Should you have questions about these or any other automotive solutions Wurth USA has to offer, please visit or give us a call at 1-800-987-8487.

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