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The Würth Connection: Different Styles of Wurth Electrical Connectors & their Benefits

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Table of Contents:

It all comes down to the little connections that keep us running. A loose connection can come undone with vibration or a frayed wire being a fire hazard, it's the little connections we can't dismiss or skip replacing. Most of our partners have dedicated shelves and drawers containing our Würth connectors that serve several different needs. Whether it's for a high heat compartment or for a waterproof connection, our line of connectors covers applications across several industries. First, let's talk about:

Why you should choose Würth

Würth electrical connectors has been a "bread and butter" line of products at Wurth USA for decades. We research and innovate quality connectors that kept large machines running for many years. During our research, we've identified core differences between our products against the competition, and there's essential points you should be made aware of:

1. Longitudinal Shrinkage

Longitudinal shrinkage impacts insulation support and strain relief. Würth's tubing has the applicable wire gauges imprinted on the tubing for easy ID.

2. Diameter Shrinkage

Wall thickness and concentricity of tubing impacts dielectric strength (insulation support) and cut-through.

3. Not all Heat Shrink Connectors Are Equal

Würth connectors feature a sealed enclosure that provides an excellent waterproof shield while the competition has some exposted inner plating.

With these core features of our connectors, we ensure a snug and proper connection so your hard work doesn't come undone. Our sales teams are trained to demonstrate the strength of these connections so be sure to get in touch with your designated sales rep to see our different options of connectors in person!

So what types of electrical connectors do we offer? Learn more below about:

  • OptiClear Connectors

  • Stepdown OptiClear Connectors

  • Nylon Insulated Connectors

  • Vinyl Insulated Connectors

  • Crimp/Seal Connectors

  • Solder/Seal Connectors

  • Crimp/Solder/Seal Connectors

  • Supreme Line Connectors


What are OptiClear Connectors?

OptiClear Crimp/Seal connectors are designed to give the installer an optimal view of a crimp sealed connection. No more guess work - the installer will now be able to clearly see that a wire was stripped too short or that it has not been fully seated in the connector

By using this style of connector you get the following visual assurances:

  • Ensures the wire is crimped to the connector

  • Ensures the center of the crimp barrel is properly crimped

  • Clear waterproof insulation allows for indisputable inspection of the wire's condition

Learn More about our OptiClear Connectors with our training video:

Parts of the OptiClear Connector


  • Window in center of connector assures that wire is seated properly and the wire is being crimped to the connector.

  • Color-coded stripes identify wire gauge size to be used with connector

  • Color-coded stripes also guide the installer to the proper crimp position on the center of the crimp barrel.

  • Seamless crimp barrel butt connectors ensure superior crimp performance.

  • Wire-stop feature in the butt connectors prevents over-insertion of the wire.

  • ROHS compliant

45° Ring Terminal

  • 45° Ring Terminal provides the same visual inspection as window butt connector

  • 45° Ring angle of the barrel allows tubing to adhere to it & provides stronger seal

  • Longer ring assures a quality seal

  • Brazed seam barrel & serrations in barrel provide strong mechanical termination

  • Expanding product offering by 27 new terminals and connectors

Long Neck Design

Clear Tubing

  • Crystal tubing provides optimal clarity for visual inspection during installation & while in use

  • Provides a waterproof seal

  • Wire gauge imprinted on tubing

  • Military applications - can put in PM before deployment of equipment


What are Stepdown OptiClear Connectors

Our Stepdown OptiClear Connectors allow two different gauge sizes to be joined, all without the worry of a weak termination.

These connectors are designed to make it easier to crimp and provide a stronger crimp termination.


This design is more difficult to crimp because the diameter of the butt connector is the same on both ends. Only the inside diameter is adjusted for the different wire gauge so the side for the smaller wire has a much thicker wall.


What are Nylon Insulated Connectors

Nylon Insulated Connectors are designed for heavy duty applications and superior performance for extreme vibration and moisture. Some of the core benefits are:

  • The tin plated annealed copper for improved corrosion resistance, max conductivity and crimp strength.

  • The barrel is serrated for a greater wire retention and pullout strength

  • Operating temperature range from -67°F to 221°F

  • UL/CSA listed where applicable


What are Vinyl Insulated Connectors

Polycarbonate (Makrolon) Insulated Crimp Cable Connectors

  • The inner part of the cable lug is made from high-quality electrolytic copper and electroplated with tin then soldered in the sleeve.

  • The dimensions comply with DIN standards

  • Halogen-free, self-extinguishing polycarbonate (Makrolon) is used as insulating material which has a superior heat resistant rating of up to 248°F. In contrast, PVC is heat rated to 167°F and both polyvinyl chloride and nylon are heat rated to 221°F

  • Excellent resistance properties against alcohols, mineral acids, gasoline, greases and oils

  • Excellent non-deformability properties - does not crack or create white stress points at crimp folds.

Parts of the Vinyl Insulated Connectors


What are Crimp/Seal Connectors


  • Translucent, adhesive-lined polyolefin tubing allows visual inspection, prevents corrosion and provides a waterproof seal

  • Conforms to automotive manufacturers' specifications for wiring repairs necessary for maintaining electrical warranties

  • Seamless butt connectors & brazed seam rings and spades prevent opening of connector barrel

  • Color-coded tubing with wire gauge imprint provides easy identification of the correct part for the job


  • Better wire contact with seamless barrels or brazed seams

  • Less voltage drop with a solid and secure crimp

  • Increased current flow with mechanically sound connections

  • Prevents wiring failures related to butted connectors

  • Decreases repair cost - reworks

  • Reduces equipment downtime

  • Superior tensile strength

Comparing with Competitors

Formed much like a butted seam, except the seam is brazed together with a silver alloy. May be used with solid wire and can be crimped on any side of the barrel without opening the seam.

Seamless connectors

Generally only available for a butt connector or splice. The barrel is created from one seamless piece of metal. This eliminates the problem of the barrel opening when crimped. May be used with solid wire.

Formed when metal is stamped, rolled and butted to create the connector barrel. Should only be used with stranded wire and must be crimped in the proper place to avoid opening the seam.


What are Solder/Seal Connectors

Features & Benefits:

  • Translucent, adhesive-lined polyolefin tubing allows visual inspection, prevents corrosion and provides a waterproof seal

  • Easy installation with pre-measured solder takes the guesswork out of the soldering process

  • A soldered electrical connection provides superior current flow and tensile strength

  • Color-coded tubing with wire gauge imprint provides easy identification of the correct part for the job


  • Exact, pre-measured solder

  • Superior strength

  • Better conductivity


  • Durable installation

  • Watertight connection

  • Transparent tubing for visual inspection

Problems / Solutions


What are Crimp/Solder/Seal Connectors

Features & Benefits:

  • High quality crimp connectors provide a secure mechanical connection

  • Pre-fluxed low temperature solder delivers superior current flow and tensile strength

  • Adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing allows for visual inspection and provides a seal against corrosion

  • Crimped, soldered and sealed connections meets or exceeds the most stringent OEM standards


  • Improved wire contact with pre-measured solder

  • Eliminates voltage drops with improved current flow

  • Eliminates connector failure due to vibration and strain

  • Allows visual inspection of soldered section

  • Meets or exceeds most stringent OEM standards

  • Superior 3-way tensile strength with Crimp + Solder + Seal

  • Prevents wiring failure due to corrosion


  • Mechanical Reliability

  • Easy installation


  • Mechanical Reliability

  • Easy installation


  • Mechanical Reliability

  • Easy installation

How to use Crimp/Solder/Seal Connectors


What are Supreme Line Connectors

Click to Zoom in

Features & Benefits of Supreme Line Connectors:

  • Lower melting temperature: New lead-free solder has a lower melting temperature: 280°F (138°C) vs 293°F (145°C).

  • Lead-Free Solder is Stronger: - Provided greater surface tension - Stays in place better, making it less likely to run out of the tubing - Provides greater tensile strength than other solder sleeves

  • No Hazardous Metals: - New solder sleeves are Tin & Bismuth alloy - Other solder sleeves contain both Lead & Cadmium - New solder - RoHS compliant - Better for the environment

  • New Ring Terminal Design: - 45° barrel allows installer to see wire is fully inserted and wire is crimped to terminal - 45° barrel ensures wire is stripped the proper length - Longer neck ensures a strong seal and allows multiple terminals to be stacked - Traditional ring terminals were not designed to be insulated with heat shrink tubing, which often results with the tubing impeding contact between the screw & terminal


Have any questions regarding any of our electrical connector solutions feel free to get in touch with your designed Wurth USA sales representative or get in touch with us at 1-800-WURTH-USA

Wurth USA is a supplier of automotive chemicals, fasteners, hand tools and electrical supplies since 1969. Our extensive catalog of over 14,000 products is paired with the incredible service offerings of our field sales team as they visit customers around the country providing shop management solutions, inventory management programs, product advice, and much more. If you would like to learn more about being our partner, get in touch by contacting us today!

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