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Be an Everyday Hero: 10 Eco Facts and Myths

Often times Eco or "green" products tend to get a bad reputation.... when in reality, they're the easiest way that you can be an everyday hero.

Here at Wurth USA, we relaunched our ECO Line on 4/17/18 expanding our family of products to all 50 states and countless industries. Below our our top 10 facts and Myths on Eco products.

1. MYTH: Eco Line products are more diluted.

At Wurth USA we're dedicated to providing products that get the job done... we believe that quality connects us. From ECO Aluminum Wheel Cleaner to ECO Odor eliminator, we offer ECO Line so that you to get the same Wurth quality all while helping the Earth.

2. FACT: Eco products are 50 state compliant.

In an effort to get our ECO Line in the hands of all our customers across the country, ECO Line is approved for all 50 states. ECO line is our top recommendation especially in states with strict chemical laws, like California.

3. MYTH: Changing one or more products to ECO Line will not help the environment.

Change begins with one person and even with the smallest change. With Wurth USA's ECO Line, you won't have to sacrifice the world known Wurth quality for sustainability... we believe in offering you both. A change as small as switching to our ECO Window and Glass Cleaner from a generic brand can help promote a more sustainable environment.

4. FACT: Wurth USA Eco Line is UL ECOLOGO® Certified.

Wurth USA's ECO Line has earned UL Environment’s ECOLOGO® Certification. This well respected certification provides science-backed third-party reassurance that PRODUCT meets rigorous, lifecycle-based environmental performance standards.

5. MYTH: There's only a few products to choose from.

Our new Eco Line doesn't contain just 5 or 10 products... it's a line of 27! With products ranging from 4ML or 55 Gallons, there's a product and size for everyone.

6. FACT: Eco products can be used in countless industries

Although Wurth USA's primary is automotive, ECO Line can be used across countless industries including Auto / Motorcycle, Trucking and Facilities such as hospitals, hotels, food service, warehouses and even schools.

7. MYTH: All eco products are incredibly expensive.

With such a wide variety of products, ECO Line products fit in everyone's budget. To shop the ECO Line, click here.

8. FACT: Your local rep can show you and demonstrate Wurth USA's ECO Line.

Wurth USA has over 380 sales reps across the country with representation in almost every state. In addition to providing unmatched customer service and over 14,000 products, your local rep can help you find your best ECO Line fit, as well as demonstrate for you new launches and products, like ECO Line.

9. MYTH: Eco products ONLY help the environment.

Although a common misconception, ECO Line helps more than just the environment. By promoting sustainability and a more "green" environment, we are helping to build a better tomorrow for our generations and generations to come. While switching over just one product might seem trivial and small, if even 1,000 people participate, we as a community can decrease the amount of waste and chemicals in our environment.

10. FACT: You can be an everyday hero by switching to ECO Line.

We like to refer to our ECO Line as a family. Our products come in all different shapes and sizes and are uniquely their own, just like your own family. After all, we're not just looking to clean up our shops and industries, but we're looking to make an impact our environment, our communities and even our families.

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