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Welcome to Adding Mileage

Here at Wurth USA, we’re car people. Not just any kind of car people though… we’re obsessive car people.

We’re the kind of car people who will park our cars an extra three spaces away, and put them in the garage when it only drizzles. So to us, there’s nothing better than knowing that we ensure top quality with every fastener, every wipe, and every glove. If we wouldn’t put it on our car, we wouldn’t put it on yours either.

But we know your question - What is Adding Mileage?

Adding Mileage is Wurth USA’s newest endeavor into the world of automotive lifestyle for 2018. We wanted to create an online community for automotive and cargo enthusiasts, where products can be explored, as well as digital content like videos and interviews and even flagship partners. From DIY articles and product videos to our social media feed and vlogs from our travels, you can find it all here in one place.

Here, doesn’t matter if you’re simply looking to add products to your shop or even just going for a drive in a car you’ve worked your hardest on... we know that you’re using top quality products -- so we’re along for the ride with you.

Welcome to Adding Mileage.

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