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How Wurth Electrical Solutions Powers Your Business

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Wurth Electrical: Image of Opticlear electrical connectors

Table of Contents:

All About Würth Electrical

It doesn't matter which industry, vertical, or technology preference, quality electrical components is essential for everyday life: wire powers our homes, work, cars and every piece of electronic technology that we interact with on a daily basis. So when it comes to our electrical work, we emphasize on using quality products to get the job done. At Wurth USA, we supply a wide range of electrical supplies to our customers, keeping both automotive vehicles and large scale machines running for over 50 years nationally.

It is our mission to identify the latest automotive trends and be the industry innovator with new solutions. We've developed solutions that raised higher heat tolerances, tools to improve work efficiency, seamless connection repairs and much more.

Würth features a vast range of electrical supplies including our industry-leading lead-free connectors. Our products are specially designed for heavy duty applications and superior performance for extreme vibration and moisture. Other product specific features are a factor, but rest assured you can count on more secure connections and reduced wire corrosion from our electrical connector line.

"From my experience, solder-less connectors typically turn to rust within 24 months. Not Würth's. Quality electrical products mean two important things for us here at Bussani: an easier installation process and reliability... I value the importance of time and quality - especially where electrical components are concerned." - Dan Walsh Chief Operating Officer of Bussani Mobility (Wurth Partner since 2015)

Würth electricals are built different. We push to innovate the market one step at a time by ensuring each change to our products bring reliability and performance to every job our products are used in. When it comes to our electrical catalog, we don't just stock connectors, our electricals also include:

While our total catalog of over 14,000 products can be overwhelming, in this article we are giving a brief overview as to why our customers trust Würth for their electrical needs, but if you have any additional questions, get in touch with your Wurth USA sales rep or contact us here:


Image of a corroded battery

What are the Industry's Most Common Electrical Issues?

Specifically in the industries that Wurth USA serves, we have noted that our customers had faced these common electrical issues:

  • Dead Battery: a dead battery is the #1 and most common electrical problem

  • Battery will not charge

  • Bad alternator

  • Fatigued starter or solenoid

  • Bad battery cables

  • Blown electrical fuses

  • Failed spark plugs

  • Blown bulbs

We source and supply solutions to each of these issues. If you are looking for solutions for these issues, get in touch with your Wurth USA sales rep or become a Wurth USA customer by clicking this link to start your customer application.


Würth electricals are built different. Here's how our products differ from our competitors on the market:

Image of Wurth vs competition terminals
Click on the image to expand for a closer look.

1. Ideal Pad Width & Stud Hole Sizes

The offshore terminal has a larger pad width and stud hole than the comparable U.S. standard, which may pose application problems.

Wurth vs Competition adhesive flow
Click on the image to expand for a closer look.

2. Better Adhesive Flow & Lead-Free Solder

A runny adhesive flow can impede positive contact on ring terminals and other end connectors. You can rely on Würth for a uniform adhesive flow. Also, our Supreme Line with Lead-Free Solder has greater surface tension and is less likely to run out of tubing!

Wurth vs competition Barrel Comparison
Click on the image to expand for a closer look.
3. Longer Barrel Length

The longer the barrel length, the easier it is to crimp (more surface area) and less likely to crimp end of terminal (not mechanically sound termination).

Butt Connector Comparison
Click on the image to expand for a closer look.
4. Longer Butt Connector Length

The longer the butt connector length, the easier it is to crimp (more surface area) and less likely to crimp end of barrel (not mechanically sound termination.

Wurth vs competition shrink tubing
Click on the image to expand for a closer look.
5. Less Longitudinal & Diameter Shrinkage

Longitudinal shrinkage impacts insulation support and strain relief. Würth's tubing has the applicable wire gauges imprinted on the tubing for easy ID. Wall thickness and concentricity of tubing impacts dielectric strength (insulation support) and cut-through. Würth has a 50% thicker "pre-shrink" wall and 30% thicker "recovered" wall.

Image of Würth vs competition heat shrink tubing with sealed enclosures
Click on the image to expand for a closer look.
6. Waterproof Sealed Enclosures

Not all heat shrink connectors are equal. Würth sealed enclosures provide excellent waterproof protection while offshore alternatives have exposed inner plating which compromises waterproofing seals.


Spool of Yellow Wire hanging at a Wurth USA customer's shop
Wurth Spool of Wire at a Customer's facility

Get Wired with Würth

Wurth USA has over 100 kinds of wire! Our line of wires are available in a variety of different colors, lengths and gauges.

Did you know there are different types of wire for different applications? Even though wire may look the same from the outside, there are some important factors to be aware of regarding their protective coating.


GPT wire, which stands for General-purpose thermoplastic wire, is the most inexpensive and the most commonly used wire. GPT/PVC insulation is rated at 85°C or 105°C, and does not have very good abrasion resistance. Once the temperature gets above the rating, the PVC insulation can reflow and melt off the wire


GXL wire, also known as a Cross Link wire, has a higher temperature rating of 125°C. This wire is created by extruding material through a tube, under heat and pressure, in order to cross-link, or change the molecules of insulation to another state. Which means a broader temperature range from -60°C to 125°C, no reflow, and better abrasion resistance. This wire works well with most standard automotive connections and is specified for use in engine compartments where high heat resistance is needed.

Comparison of GPT and GXL wire. GPT is rated up to 80 degrees C, and GXL is rated up to 125 degrees C

A Quick Word on the Wire...

  • WURTH ORSY® wire is manufactured of the highest grade material available

  • The ORSY® wire insulation is a special "extra flexible" compound available only from WURTH

  • The ORSY® wire is packaged in bulk which makes it very cost effective and installs on the ORSY® 10 System in seconds

  • No more unraveling and wasted wire!

  • DIN/ISO 6722

  • PVC outer casing

  • Nominal voltage: U2=50 V, U4=60 V

  • Temperature range: Class A, -40°F to +185°F

  • Silicone-free, free from cadmium and lead

Wurth USA Carries GPT wire in 100ft spools and GXL wire in 500ft spools. Be sure to ask your Wurth rep for more information!


Image of several types of electrical connectors falling onto a surface

Types of Würth Connectors

Whether you're lengthening a connection or repairing damaged wires, electrical connectors are great pieces of equipment to have on hand to join electrical circuits together. Wurth USA supplies several connector solutions that resolve a variety of issues:

  • OptiClear connectors: OptiClear Crimp/Seal Connectors are designed to give the installer an optimal view of a crimp sealed connection. No more guess work - the installer will now be able to clearly see that a wire was stripped too short or that it has not been fully seated in the connector.

  • Nylon Insulated connectors: Designed for heavy duty applications and superior performance for extreme vibration and moisture. These connectors were designed with tin plated annealed copper for improved corrosion resistance, max conductivity and crimp strength.

  • Vinyl Insulated connectors: Made with polycarbonate (Makrolon) insulation. The inner part of the cable lug is made from high-quality electrolytic copper and electroplated with tin then soldered in the sleeve. It has excellent resistance properties against alcohols, mineral acids, gasoline, greases and oils. It also has excellent non-deformability properties - does not crack or create white stress points at crimp folds.

  • Supreme Line connectors: Lower melting temperature and built without hazardous metals. The Supreme Line is designed with a new ring terminal with a 45° barrel allows installer to see wire is fully inserted and wire is crimped to terminal while also ensuring the wire is stripped to the proper length.

We also offer Crimp/Seal connectors, Solder/Seal connectors, and Crimp/Solder/Seal connectors. Get in touch with your Würth rep to learn more.


Image of our Black Silicone tape (Art. No.: 0985077200), Red silicone tape (Art. No.: 0985077201) and white silicone tape (Art. No.:
3 Color options of Silicone Tape

Securing Electrical Connections Worry-Free

After your work on extending / repairing electrical wire and having your selected connector in place, sometimes adding that extra layer of security by using electrical tape around these connections. This added step will not only help secure the connection from being pulled apart but can also help with weather-proofing the connection and preventing moisture from seeping in and causing some damage.

We offer:

  • Moisture seal tape: adds strain relief to splices

  • Silicone Tape: Great for wrapping cables and wire. Tape bonds to itself with no adhesive and won't leave behind residue. It's perfect for conforming to irregular shapes plus it creates air tight and liquid-proof permanent seals

  • Brushable Electrical Tape: Liquid with brush top that dries into a flexible waterproof coating. It coats, seals and insulates without cracking, fraying or unraveling like standard tapes. Great for hard to reach places

Wurth USA offers a wide variety of tapes for not just use in electrical work but also for seam sealing, masking tapes, packaging tapes, duct tapes, and more. Get in touch with your designated Wurth USA rep or visit our online shop to learn more.


More Relevant Articles on Würth Electrical

While there is a lot more ground to cover when it comes to electrical supplies and details on certain products, we at Wurth USA aim to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions for your work. This article provides a high overview of some of our core electrical solutions, but we will be continuing to dive deep into specific subjects while providing the benefits of working with Wurth USA. Be sure to check back in this section as we add more relevant articles to this page!

Select your terminal, solder slug, and shrink tubing and repair broken / corroded battery cables by following this guide! Read the blog post.

Wurth USA is a supplier of automotive chemicals, fasteners, hand tools and electrical supplies since 1969. Our extensive catalog of over 14,000 products is paired with the incredible service offerings of our field sales team as they visit customers around the country providing shop management solutions, inventory management programs, product advice, and much more. If you would like to learn more about being our partner, get in touch by contacting us today!

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