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Wurth USA Customer Center Now Open in North Jersey

Wurth USA is excited to announce the opening of its brand new Customer Center located at Wurth USA’s headquarters at 93 Grant Street Ramsey, NJ.

Open to the public, the new Customer Center features the brand-new Same Day Pickup Service, providing our local customers and guests with the opportunity to call or text in their order to 1-800-987-8487 and pick it up within an hour.

Customers with Wurth USA accounts are able to pick up all in-stock items in Wurth USA's inventory, while guest customers are able to order all non-chemical based products.

If a customer or guest isn't sure what they need or simply wants to look around at the wide-range of products Wurth USA has to offer, a friendly Wurth USA representative is always present and ready to offer personal assistance should any questions arise.

Featuring multiple sections including: Hand Tools, Featured Products, and a Demo Table - customers can physically hold the products in their hands and experience the quality craftsmanship of Wurth products for themselves.

Inventory Management and Vending setups are also visible so customers can see first-hand the convenience of the Wurth USA systems designed to improve organization and productivity.

The Customer Center is open Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Check out the highlight video from our Customer Center Grand Opening held on May 24-25.

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